About Staking

The new generation of blockchains uses a process called staking to secure their networks.
The method “Proof Of Stake” is different from “Proof Of Work” used by for example Bitcoin, but serves the same purpose – to keep the network safe. Dwellir is a provider of secure staking in Northern Europe.

Instead of performing complex, energy expensive, calculations to secure the network "Proof Of Stake" uses the value of the Tokens to "Vote" whether an operation is valid or not. Token holders do not need to run complex software to participate, but instead nominate a Validator and receive Interest for their cooperation.

Validators run complex software that is expected to be online 24/7. This involves high demands on security, experience in running complex systems and software development.

Many financial investors and institutions do not have the capacity to run these validators or the infrastructure needed to support them. Dwellir has the experience, credibility and, needed infrastructure to provide high-volume staking services to our global clients.