How to stake on Kilt

As one of the original Collators on KILT’s parachain on the Kusama network you are able to stake your KILT Coins via our Collator.

Our Collator is now live and has the address 4phJhaKeWdThVBGcBY2GR8fbLbd6scz4J48oELePS6bBY4rT

This guide will show you how to add Dwellir’s collator to your address book and then delegate your KILT Coins to our Collator.

This basic guide contains of three steps, all you need to do in order to stake your KILT Coins.

  1. Add Dwellir’s collator to your address book
  2. Delegate your KILT Coins
  3. Adjust or revoke your stake

Step 1: Add Dwellir’s collator to your address book

  1. Go to (make sure that it states KILT Spiritnet up in the left corner)
  2. Click on Accounts tab -> Address book

  3. On the Address book page, click on “+ Add contact” button.

  4. On the pop-up screen that shows, add the address 4phJhaKeWdThVBGcBY2GR8fbLbd6scz4J48oELePS6bBY4rT and name it Dwellir.

Step 2: Delegate your KILT Coins

  1. You need to delegate to a collator candidate by delegating at least 1000 KILT and calling join_delegators.

  2. If the collator has a delegation pool reaching the maximum (25 at launch), a delegator candidate must stake more than the lowest delegator.

    An account can only delegate to one collator.

  3. On the Developer page select Extrinsics.
  4. In the drop down menu select parachainStaking and joinDelegators
  5. As a collator you select Dwellir
  6. As the amount delegated you need to select at least 1000 KILT Coins

  7. Stake KILT

Step 3: Adjust or Revoke your stake

    Adjust Stake

    A Delegator can increase and decrease the stake by calling either delegator_stake_more or delegator_stake_less.

  1. Using the selected account: Select the Delegator Account.
  2. Submit the following extrinsic: parachainStaking -> delegator_stake_more or delegator_stake_less.
  3. As a collator you select Dwellir
  4. Selecting the collator account: Choose the desired stake amount.

  5. Revoking

    A delegator revokes the delegation by calling revoke_delegation, reducing the delegation by the full amount of the delegation.

  6. The amount will be prepared for unstaking.
  7. Revoking a delegation does not count towards the limit of “1 delegation per round”.

Other Collators

On Stake KILT you can see a list of all collators on KILT. The page helps you on how to think when selecting your collator.